Sleep Difficulties

Great books to help work on better sleep

Quiet Your Mind and Get to Sleep: Solutions to Insomnia for Those with Depression, Anxiety or Chronic Pain

Goodnight Mind: Turn Off Your Noisy Thoughts and Get a Good Night’s Sleep

Kelty’s Key – A self-paced online therapy tool developed by Vancouver Coastal Health.

What are sleep cycles??

Why the heckaronis is my health care provider trying to restrict my sleep to make my sleep better?!

All things sleep


-Trying to treat your insomnia? Reserve daytime naps for when you feel unsafe to do something like driving (up to 30mins max). Insomnia treatment strives to do things like build nighttime sleep drive (gotta earn that deep sleep!), maintain circadian rhythms (is it day, is it night, I don’t know?!), and create helpful sleep associations (ahhh, bed + night = sleep).

-but I don’t have insomnia and I like to nap…is that ok? If you don’t have insomnia, you can probably do whatever you like but some research indicates short nappers (30 minutes or less) get health benefits over long nappers (longer than 30 minutes), for example, this study.

My caveat/disclaimer: These resources are not a substitute for professional advice. I have reviewed these resources, BUT I did not create them and do not continuously monitor them. I only include resources I believe to be reliable, but given the nature of the internet, these links or their information may be changed without my knowledge. …so, always read critically, consult with your healthcare provider before making changes to your healthcare plan…and, if you are in crisis, you probably already know to look for help (911, hospital emergency, crisis line 1-800-784-2433) and reach out to someone.