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Adult Treatment and Assessment

At this time my WAITLIST is CLOSED. IF YOU ARE SEARCHING FOR A PSYCHOLOGIST or are ON MY WAITLIST, you might access services more quickly by contacting another psychologist. CLICK HERE to access links to lists of psychologists. My RESOURCES page and BC’s ENHANCED VIRTUAL MENTAL HEALTH SUPPORTS  list additional options.

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About me

I am a registered psychologist practicing in Langley, BC. I completed my undergraduate and master’s degrees at UBC and my PhD at UCalgary. My training is in evidence-based treatments.

I use a collaborative approach, to best tailor treatment to match your needs.

What is a "registered psychologist"?What's the difference? Psychologist, psychiatrist and counsellor...
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Services Offered


Psychological assessment and treatment for adults dealing with symptoms of:



-Anxiety and related disorders

-Posttraumatic Stress Disorder

-Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

-Issues related to chronic pain and health

What can I expect?


What should I do first? Phone (778) 241-8572 or email drsandrayoung@hushmail.com. We’ll arrange a time to speak briefly by phone to make sure I offer services to match your needs.

Waitlist? My waitlist is currently closed. I typically have a four to six month waitlist.

How long are sessions? Initial intake sessions are 80-minutes, at which time I make treatment recommendations. Treatment sessions typically last 50-minutes. This can vary based on your symptoms and circumstances. If longer sessions are recommended, they are billed at the hourly rate.

How many sessions? The number of sessions and speed of recovery varies by individual. It is greatly affected by what we are working on, the severity of your symptoms, and how much work you are able to do between sessions. We will always take your budget into account. Most therapies involve a minimum of eight to ten sessions. Sessions are usually once per week.

How much does treatment cost? $240 for each 50-minute treatment session and $360.00 for each 80-minute intake session. Psychologists are not covered by BC Medical Services Plan. You may have coverage through an extended health plan.

What happens in treatment? What we do in our sessions varies by person. You should expect that treatment can bring up uncomfortable feelings and can be challenging. Treatment usually includes figuring out actions you can experiment with between sessions.


Please Note: At this time my WAITLIST is CLOSED. If you are searching for a psychologist or are on my waitlist, you might access services more quickly by contacting another psychologist. CLICK HERE to access links to lists of psychologists. My RESOURCES page and BC's ENHANCED VIRTUAL MENTAL HEALTH SUPPORTS list additional options.

Phone :

(778) 241-8572

Email :


Address :

390-8029 199th Street, Langley, BC V2Y 0E2

(778) 618-2060

$240 per 50 minute treatment session
$360 per 80 minute intake

$480 per 110 minute intake

(MOVED August 12, 2018
from 180-8700 200th Street, Langley)